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Our Services

Supporting Parents, Empowering Children

At Development Therapy, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support for parents of children with emotional regulation challenges. Our services are designed to empower both parents and children, fostering emotional well-being, improved focus, and enhanced self-regulation skills. Through personalized guidance and evidence-based techniques, we help families navigate the unique journey of raising children who may struggle with sitting still, attending to directions, and managing their emotions while promoting independence and developing a range of OT skills.

Free 15-min Consultation: With A Occupational Therapist

Discover how pediatric occupational therapy can benefit your child. During this brief introduction virtually, we’ll discuss your goals for your child’s development and determine if our services are a good fit. We’ll work closely with you to understand your child’s specific needs and challenges, including emotional regulation difficulties and OT skill development. Together, we’ll develop a tailored plan to support their emotional well-being while promoting independence in fine motor skills, gross motor skills, visual skills, VMI (visual-motor integration), handwriting, bilateral coordination, impulse control, and body awareness. Book your consultation today to take the first step towards enhancing your child’s skills. 

Individualized Treatment Plans

Individualized pediatric occupational therapy treatment plans at our clinic are personalized to address each child’s specific needs, strengths, and goals. Our therapists conduct thorough assessments and collaborate closely with families to create customized plans. These plans target areas such as sensory processing, motor skills, self-care, social-emotional development, and cognition. Regular evaluations ensure ongoing progress and adjustments. Our goal is to empower children to thrive and reach their full potential through tailored interventions. All services are out of network. 

Social Skills Class

Our social skills classes, led by experienced occupational therapists, provide a supportive environment where children develop essential social skills. Through structured activities and guided interactions, they enhance communication, cooperation, problem-solving, and empathy. Classes promote self-confidence, belonging, and positive self-image. Children form connections with peers, leading to increased social engagement. Our nurturing environment fosters social skill development and meaningful relationships.


Our social skills classes offer numerous benefits. Children learn to navigate social interactions, improve communication skills, and understand non-verbal cues. They practice and refine these skills in a supportive setting. Classes provide peer support, enhancing social engagement and a sense of belonging. Our nurturing environment fosters essential social skills, self-confidence, and meaningful relationships.


Register for Skills Class Below! Led by experienced occupational therapists.

Promoting Social Skills Class